First they came for the vets…

And then they made the baby cry!

Or…the G8/G20 comes to town…

In a very unCanadian manner, police burst into a Toronto apartment without knocking at 4 a.m. last Saturday.  The raid, carried out by four officers with guns, turned up not one but TWO board certified veterinarians and their six month old baby!  Their crime was so outrageous, that even the police could not advise them what they were accused of.   Telling the vets they had a search warrant, but never actually showing it, the police shouted:  “Hey you could have done something wrong!  You hang around with pit bulls all day and you have easy access to drugs and that’s good enough for us!”

After handcuffing one of the vets and leaving him on his front lawn with other “could be suspicious people of possible interest” one of the officers conferred with his “superior” (we won’t go there…), and the vet was released.

Asked to explain the raid on the veterinarians, police spokesman said, “Shit happens…get over it…we have.”

Another story of  G8/G20 mayhem in Toronto – Centre of the Universe – shocking!

The real poop here.

Stephen Harper was right when he said, “You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it.”

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