Canada Day 2010

The Beaver Dog

The Beaver Dog (canis castor) is native to the boreal forests of northern Québec and Ontario.  Rarely seen in urban areas, this dog enjoys the solitude of Canada’s hinterland.  The canis castor is the result of an accidental mating in Woodstock, Ontario in 1967 between canis lupis and canadensis castor. Only 153 of these beautiful dogs are left in the wild.

A small but active group of conservationists are trying to have the Beaver Dog put on the endangered species list, but has encountered road blocks from every level of current government.  According to a government spokesperson, who refused to go on the record, “We consider the Beaver Dog to be a domestic animal and only wild animals are eligible for the endangered species list.  It’s not like it’s the Sasquatch which is much rarer and will be put on the list shortly.”

The Beaver Dog, a proud part of our Canadian Heritage.

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